Saturday, 7 July 2012

Review: Black and White Head Controller by THE VITAMIN COMPANY

Hello Girls,

I came up with a Beneficial Product review today, Need of summers and specially for Oily skinned persons! or those facing Black and white head problem in their T-Zone.

This product is "Black and White Head Controller" by The Vitamin Company

What the Product claims for itself:

Black & White Head Remover
(Visibly reduces blackheads and whiteheads) 

A natural formula that loosens and removes blackheads, whiteheads and acne. Also absorbs excess oil from pores. It aids in unclogging and tightening the pores. This unique blend also exfoliates and lifts away the dirt and oil and softens the skin texture. 

How to use it?

Wet the face, massage the lotion for 20-30 seconds.

My Thoughts:

I am not an oily skinned person but my skin suffers from black and white heads on Nose are during summers. Since I got this solution from The Vitamin Company I was curious to test it and see how amazing it  could be for my black heads removal. 

At first, I used it exactly as mentioned in usage, Wet the whole face and massage 3-4 drops on nose only for 30 seconds and wash away, after one week I noticed NO visible difference except "No MORE black heads appeared, but those already there were not removed even". I then changed the usage for next week, I just wet my fingers with water and massage the lotion on nose and black heads area for 30-40 seconds and wash away. Right after massage I used an exfoliation scrub to take out the black and white heads. This routine I continued for 3 days and it worked like magic! 


 Basically this product does Loosens your black heads, white heads and impurities clogged in pores but to take them OUT you need an Exfoliant! which could be any good scrub! Usage of the remover alone will not ooze out your black/white heads. Also, while you are using this remover you won't see Production of Black or white heads on your face, This means it stops FURTHER production of heads and impurities clogging in pores. It has no pleasant smell but not irritating either. Color of solution is light yellowish with bitter aroma. Most importantly the Formula is all NATURAL hence no damage to skin, Results appearance is SLOW but I must says its BETTER then chemical peeling or Traditional Pin Extraction Practice of black heads.

Definitely, his product is indeed a good bargain in its usage plus Price. It had an Introductory Price Rs.300 but now available at a Retail Price of Rs.600 only and available to purchase at all Pharmacies and from THE VITAMIN COMPANY itself. They do sell online.

Watch out their facebook page here.
And their Online shopping website here.

*****PR Sample sent for Review Purpose Do NOT effect my honest opinion*****


  1. Sounds like a nice product for blackhead control. Thanks for the review! :)

  2. Nice review and nice to know about any effective product for black and white heads.

  3. i don't have black or white head so much otherwise it is looking nice product :) thanks for sharing


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