Thursday, 21 June 2012


Hi Ladies,

I came up today with a Gorgeous Nude shade with tones of Golds and Skinny Browns.  The nail paint is from "TIP TOP NAIL CHIC" Collection and is named as "FRENZY 927" One of my FAVORITE shades for nails! as I am not a fan for going Black/Blue on Nails! I prefer metallic shades for Nails always.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Review: Sunny Meadow SHOWER GEL From Nature's Brilliance by Sue TM


I am reviewing today a Shower Gel from From Nature's Brilliance by Sue TM. It's a 1 fl.Oz plastic bottle sent to me by Sue few months back for Review purpose. I got the shower gel in MINT scent, Sue has lots of other scents available as well in the same range. Although different sizes are available. To know my thoughts on this shower gel, Read out the Post below:

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Review: Byly Depil (Body Wax Strips)

Hi Girls,

I believe Waxing and Hair Removal is the most important part of our routine life. And for the private areas like Bikini , armpits or any other body part with Short Hair Growth, it is not so common for all girls to visit salons. So the concept of Wax strips works well for all home based girls or house wives even, as these was strips are READY to perform and do not require Heating, Spatulas or other formal waxing stuff. 

I came across BYLY DEPIL strips few days back and now I am a BIG time fan of these strips. Unlike other available wax strips, these do NOT come on a Paper strip, instead the strip is on soft Plastic sheet. With appropriate quantity Herbal wax on it! I got them in Mint - Green Tea scent and I absolutely love the scent of wax strips. The aroma is of sweet mints and green tea leaves. REFRESHING!!! These are made in Spain!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Monday, 4 June 2012

AVON Solutions Plus Maximum Moisture Toner

Hello Every One,

Summer and Heat Stroke is here in Pakistan with full zeal and zest, as far as summers are highly damaging and devastating for body skin and so is for our delicate face skin! You should not imagine to step out in sun without wearing sun-Protection. However in spite of added sun protection, when you are back to home from your Office, University or other tasks, your skin feels like dried out and totally dull and thirsty. This is because hot weather takes out all moisture from skin and our polluted environment covers skin with lots of dust.

For taking care of my skin , specially when I am back to home from sun, I just got a Best Friend for my skin!!!

This is Maximum Moisture Toner by AVON. Here is how I am using it in my daily routine and getting benefited.