Thursday, 12 April 2012

Shopping experience with Eye Love Makeup for RIVAJ-UK Products

Hello my girlss...

I am introducing today a new brand, yet expanding their horizon in Pakistan recently, RIVAJ-UK , I had an experince for shopping some Rivaj Goodies through their official retailer in Pakistan. The retailers operate through their official facebook page EYE LOVE MAKEUP with Super quick correspondence and customer service ethics. They happily offer discounts and free shipping on Big orders placed with them. Here is what I have purchased from them:

1- Rivaj UK Foundation Brush - R05
2- Rivaj UK eye brow pencil - Dual ended
3- Rivaj UK eye shadow sealer

Lets have a look at Rivaj Foundation Brush first, it comes with soft bristles and strong handle, looks durable although, its a nice liquid foundation applicator with a price tag of  Rs.290

I have used the brush after a wash with my Neutrogena facewash, and none of the bristles came out or damaged so I give a plus point to Rivaj UK brushes quality. Here is how it looks after a gentle wash:

Next is Dual ended eye brow pencil from Rivaj, it comes with black and brown color and is creamy on skin. 

And finally, the Best product in this haul, Rivaj Eye shadow Sealer,
its a white milky fluid in bottle with a sponge tip applicator for application, the sealer consistency is very THIN and is really light weight on eyes under shadows. Here is a picture where I have applied small quantity of eye shadow sealer on skin, let it dried on skin for 20-30 seconds and then used my Makhmali eye shades on it to show how the base application results in EXACT color pay off for low quality eye shadows even!!! I have taken the pictures both in natural and artificial lights to show exact differences!

As its a product named "eye shadow SEALER" to test this feature I have rubbed the shadow with a Tissue paper to check how sealed were they, and yes it does seals them! 

Here is another picture with different colors to show color pay off with Rivaj Eye base:

So its a must have product if you are looking for a low budget primer? as it doesn't dry out skin niether its oily kinda primer! its simple base with light consistency and comes with a price tag of Rs.250. I got mine for Rs. 195 being an introductory price :)

All in all I do recommend buying Rivaj UK products, I look forward to test few more products of them and if you want to have some shopping with them, head over to EYE LOVE MAKEUP page !

Good bye Girlies! <3


  1. good review. i too got the foundation brush and some nail colours. nail colours were amazing too

  2. Thank you so much Hina for awesome review :)

  3. DEar could you please share the foundation brush experience in upcoming post

    1. Hey Basma, The brush is awesome, it has got soft bristles, perfect for liquid/cream foundations. Its big in size!

  4. Hi Hira
    Eye shadow Sealer really awesome !!May i know do you write blog for others. If u,can you write blog For Viviana( Cosmetic Brand).we provide you a beauty gift hamper from Viviana .if your interested please contact me at this email id


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