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Here is another post featuring Simply Kendra Cosmetics. This is a hand-made Mineral cosmetics line based in USA. This is what they say about themselves:

Hand blended by a Licensed Esthetician our Mineral Makeup not only looks good on your skin, it is good for your skin! Mineral Make up, Made Simple, by Simply Kendra.

They have sent me a parcel of their eye shadows few weeks back for review purpose and I really liked the shades collection offered by them plus the appropriate amount of shimmer factor in eye shades.

Here is my PR sample products from Simply Kendra Cosmetics.

They sent me 7 sample shades, and two full sized jars, one for eye-shade and another one is  glitter pigments.

Ok here are close snaps for eye-shades in natural light, showing you closest shades to actual shades!

Miss Peaches and Cherry Kola

Naughty and Goddess (I love this)

Starry, Mocha Diamond and Aztec.

And below, these are full sized pigments sent to me:

This one is truly Yellow shade, Hell yeah, Can be used in a perfect Rain-Forest look with combinations of greens!

And this is exact shades of their Maroonish Red Glitter pigment Indian Summer.

My thoughts on these shadows are like, I feel yes they have placed an Appropriate amount of shimmer in shadows, even if you wear the most shocking shade, the shimmer is just accurate, it do not over glitter the eyes, But I noticed the color pay-off is not so great without a primer, with a primer or eye-base YES, Color pay-off is awesome! So if you are looking for a wide variety of individual packing shades, Simply Kendra Shades are a MUST try! Then they sale sample baggies at $1 each and sample baggies last around 3-4 times complete shadow applications. And yeah, they claim that all their ingredients are FDA approved for eyes and facial use! And the guys offer SAMPLE baggies FREEEE with every purchase! 

Here are the shadow applications with their shades, oh I have not created proper looks, I thought to show each shadow one by one or two at same time, so I just used my Rivaj UK Base and applied these:

Here comes Miss Peaches, Mocha Diamond and Cherry Kola shades:

Here comes Starry, Aztec with Mocha Diamond and Goddess hints

 And here is my most Favorite shade from the collection, and I am looking forward to buy one full sized jar of this shade as it flatters our Asian skin tone ALOT!!! the GODDESS one!

Another yummilicous thing by simply kendra is their SMOKEY-TRIO-STACKS! these are stashes of 3 very pretty shades and I can't wait to get them in my next shopping with them. So girls do visit the site here and check the awesome collection they have ranging from primers, shades, lip glosses, face powders and Glittersssssss.... :****

and don't forget to visit them on facebook here.

*****PR Sample sent for Review Purpose Do NOT effect my honest opinion*****

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