Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Loreal Paris ~ Solar Expertise Review

I have tried many sunblocks before and I always end up in a "Dead white face" yeah I dislike that whitish tone created by SPF products, however this sunblock totally amazed me. I got it in a usual trip to drug store and in its extremely affordable price of Rs.275 thats USD3 just!!! this sunblock is a "must have".
It comes with IP50 (Index of Protection against sun is given 50 in this Sunblock) which is a good feature of this product.

 Lets see how I summarise its qualities:

  • Soft  in texture, spreads smoothly
  • Leaves no white face after application, complexion gets evenly tonned!
  • Moisturising formulae with a slightly dry touch finish!
  • Great packaging, easy to carry in bag with squeezable tube
  • Very Light weight on skin
  • Contains a mild pleasing fragrance.
  • Easy to wear under-foundation as its moisturising and light weight texture.
  • Provides complete sun protection for 30-40 minutes after application.
Here is picture where I have shown with and without sunblock skin, With Loreal Solar Expertise (on the Top)

Use it and let me know your thoughts on it <3


  1. hye hira is this sunblock is suitable for oily skin galz
    thanx a lot for this reveiew as i m in a search for finding my self a right sunblock for oily skin type

  2. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..


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