Thursday, 10 May 2012

A cost-effective Brush Set HAUL

Hey Girlies,

While shopping at drugstore last weekend I found a really useful thing, Its a makeup brush set with 18 Brushes in it , A pouch and whats more surprising is It was priced at just 1020 Rs. Amazing Quality of Bristles! but the Brand is totally unknown to me. On pouch it says "Romantic Story" and on each individual brushes, its written RS and them R.M.S Professionals.

Also there is no Indication of Numbers or usage on individual brushes, But brushes bristles are soft, strong and looks durable. Oh yes, it has NO FOUNDATION brush in it! although it comes with a good pouch and has 18 Brushes and this overcomes the requirement of Foundation brush in it, I can use any other Good quality foundation brush with these applicators. Eyes applicators are good in quality! and yes the Kabuki style brush in it is not so stiff as Kabuki should be! instead its extra soft.

 Anyways I bought it and sharing it with you today. :)   Lets see the pics and enjoy a Cost-effective haul :D



  1. is it working fine still?

  2. hi hira!
    just visit your blog , very nice posts you've .
    from where(mkt place) you bought this beneficial brush set?


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