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Exotic Lip Treats by Sweet Treat Cosmetics

Hi Girls,

I came up with some extra Sweet Products today, these are a few Lip-Treats by Sweet Treat Cosmetics. These lip-treats were sent to me for Review purpose by the company owner Kaitlyn Abdou, who is no doubt a very sweet personality. She not only runs a customer friendly business but also kind-heart personality. Her business "Sweet Treat Cosmetics" all basically revolves around Mineral makeup. Well I have lot more to say about her and Sweet Treat business but lets keep it for another review of  Sweet Treat Eye products, Coming back to Lip-Treats, here is what I was sent and keep reading it If you want to know miraculous effects of these lip-treats.

I was sent a Full Sized Lip Treat in BUTTER CREAM
And a Mini-Size Lip Treat in STRAWBERRY

Ok, let me share my verdict on these; I have in fact very very positive thoughts about these lip-treats, because they served as a healer for lips, on dry lips I applied the gloss and it absorbed like magic into lips leaving lustrous shine to lips , it has some ingredient that makes the gloss to penetrate in to lips and it injects super moisture to lips at once as applied. It made me curious about its making and I searched for its constituents and I was pleased to see it has Castor Oil in making and probably this is the reason for super sumptuous moisture quality of these glosses.

 I have also noticed as applied the product makes my lips look fuller and Plumped, which in my thoughts is Result of that extra moisture which penetrates in and lift up lips. The product do NOT stays on top of lips, the absorption factor is a BIG plus!

The texture is creamy but transparent and shimmery. And staying power is no more than 1-2 hours. Although the strawberry one leaves a light tint on lips after its gone, which is anyways hot <3

Packing is great as well, good quality plastic containers are used for gloss and sponge applicator tip is very comfortable for application. 

Flavor for Butter Cream is awesome, it smells sweet and buttery. I like it. This is basically a Clear gloss with a hint of shimmer in it, and as the constituents on gloss tell me, it has liquid lanolin with castor oil, which is THE BEST part of the gloss, I'd prefer calling it a lip-Balm because of its intense moisture, penetration quality and restoring lip moisture.

Here are Swatches for BUTTER CREAM in natural and artificial lights: 

The flavor for Strawberry one is Fruity and delicious, I 'd call it an awesome lip-smacker for its fragrance and taste. It is a plain Red gloss, looks indeed beautiful with and without lipstick. I love the glossy effect as it comes with very light amount of glitter and super shine.

Here are swatches for STRAWBERRY in natural and artificial lights:

My mother was having extreme dried lips this summer with brittle dry patches, and nothing was working for her, she used a few lip butters, exfoliation and balms but results were unsatisfactory, until the day she picked up this mini-strawberry gloss from my makeup drawer and as soon as she applied it, with in an hour her lips were restored to that moisture level she ,always wanted, so she became a big fan of Strawberry one! the lanolin and castor oil must have positively influenced her.  here is a swatch on her lips:

So my final verdict is in complete favor of these glosses and I would like to have them in my bag all the time because of there emollient and penetrating factors.

These glosses are priced at Sweet treat cosmetics for $5 each and they ship world wide.
You can find them on facebook here.

Hope you want to try them too <3
Love :)

*****PR Sample sent for Review Purpose Do NOT effect my honest opinion*****

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