Monday, 4 June 2012

AVON Solutions Plus Maximum Moisture Toner

Hello Every One,

Summer and Heat Stroke is here in Pakistan with full zeal and zest, as far as summers are highly damaging and devastating for body skin and so is for our delicate face skin! You should not imagine to step out in sun without wearing sun-Protection. However in spite of added sun protection, when you are back to home from your Office, University or other tasks, your skin feels like dried out and totally dull and thirsty. This is because hot weather takes out all moisture from skin and our polluted environment covers skin with lots of dust.

For taking care of my skin , specially when I am back to home from sun, I just got a Best Friend for my skin!!!

This is Maximum Moisture Toner by AVON. Here is how I am using it in my daily routine and getting benefited.

Morning, I wake up and wash face with my favorite face wash, I am a dry skinned person, so instead of applying Moisturizer coat on bare face after washing, I take Cotton Ball and dab it with AVON Toner and apply all over my face. The toner has slight moisture effect which is perfect for any dry Skinned person in Summers! as soon as it dries out on my skin, I use a subtle amount of moisturizer with my sun-protection for all day!

Now whats the point of adding Toning effect before moisturizer on bare face??? I don't like to apply creams in this Hot weather, as i know they won't stay in Sun and melt on my skin taking my sun-protection down. So a layer of toner on bare skin instantly adds a firm layer over skin and it helps in staying the sun-block PLUS it keeps my skin hydrated all day. I may add layer of foundation sometimes after sun-block.Oh yes, I always place this toner into Fridge before leaving home, as its summers and I need a cool toner when i return. :)

As soon as I am back to home, I prefer to cleanse face with a Cream cleanser, preferably AVON Moisture cleansers to take out layers of SPF Products and foundation, and then use face wash. After drying out face with tissue paper, I dab the cotton ball inside Avon Max Moisture Toner and apply Cold toner all over face and neck and its a Miracle product or what, it instantly freshens up my thirsty skin, my complexions shines, dull skin is no more and skin feels like it has given food plus it adds a feeling of very little moisture applied on skin.

 My skin feels too Fresh, perfectly toned, stress free, flexible in moisture levels and firm! O Well In winters, I do need a moisturizer instantly after use of this toner, but now this awesome Toner is serving as a Best friend in summers, alone for my skin.The fragrance of the toner is amazing, and it comes in a 200ml plastic bottle.

 Sadly AVON UK has discontinued it, so I am looking the same product in AVON Canada and USA because many a times, one country's discontinued products can be found in another country. Otherwise I truly regret that why AVON UK has discontinued its best ever toner. Although AVON UK has launched many other effective skin-care ranges that are Worth buying and I absolutely LOVE Avon's all Skin Care products and highly recommend them.

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