Saturday, 9 June 2012

Review: Byly Depil (Body Wax Strips)

Hi Girls,

I believe Waxing and Hair Removal is the most important part of our routine life. And for the private areas like Bikini , armpits or any other body part with Short Hair Growth, it is not so common for all girls to visit salons. So the concept of Wax strips works well for all home based girls or house wives even, as these was strips are READY to perform and do not require Heating, Spatulas or other formal waxing stuff. 

I came across BYLY DEPIL strips few days back and now I am a BIG time fan of these strips. Unlike other available wax strips, these do NOT come on a Paper strip, instead the strip is on soft Plastic sheet. With appropriate quantity Herbal wax on it! I got them in Mint - Green Tea scent and I absolutely love the scent of wax strips. The aroma is of sweet mints and green tea leaves. REFRESHING!!! These are made in Spain!

The pack contains 6x2=12 sheets inside and is specially formulated for Dry skin and SHORT hairs on body.
What is most amazing about the strips is you can use One single strip, a Hundred of times! Yes, this sounds like impossible but these strips have such awesome quality wax applied on them which makes it usable again and again. For instance, One single strip is enough for clearing out whole bikini area and neck including belly. Other strips available in market do not provide such usage from a single strip!

Size of each strip is perfectly suitable for body waxing needs, you may cut the strip in to two parts in case you need to cover shorter area. and Results are commendable. I used it on my arms and re-growth cycle was ONE whole month! 

Moreover the wax pack comes with BYLY AFTER DEPIL Wax Removing Oil tissue which is perfectly handy to remove all the excess wax from your body parts and leaves it soft and clean after waxing. 

I bought mine from a local cosmetics shop for Rs.400 Only which is a very good price as these wax strips lasts tons of times and the results are worth seeing.


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