Friday, 8 June 2012

Hair Wash and Ironning with my New stuff

Hi Folks,

I am going to share my thoughts on a few Hair care Products today.

Starting with HAIR WASH:

Miracle Moist Shampoo Limited Edition from Aussie and claims to inject extreme moisture to Dry/Brittle and unhappy hair. It claims to have Oils of Australian Queensland macadamia Nut as chief ingredient. It comes in a 300ml plastic bottle and packing is beautiful. Its consistency is normally thick, with shiny pigments all over shampoo texture and a sweet fragrance like Fruity Marsh-mellows. My hair texture is extremely dry and dull.  I apply it on dripping wet hair and usually little quantity is sufficient to make leather and clean scalp. It leaves the hair soft, little bit moisturized and yes It adds lots of volume to my hair after a regular hair wash and enhances the natural curls and waves in my hair. I am very much found of sleek and straight hair with lots of moisturizing, as It does no such wonders to my hair so i am not a big fan of this shampoo.

After shampoo, I used Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance, Leave in Conditioner. Ingredients listed says the product has Jojoba Seed oil to give protection and strength to hair. It comes in a Spray bottle with 250ml quantity and consistency is thin and running, being a spray product! This is applied on washed away and towel dried hair and left as it is, being a Leave-in conditioner. This one too smells sweet like candies. The packaging comes in a Spray Bottle format, so that consumer evenly sprays the conditioner through out hair and combs evenly. To me, this serves as a Light moisturizing serum, it adds shine and subtle moisture to my hair but enhances curls!

Hair Iron and Wella Flat Iron Spray:

Sleek and straight hair have been favorite for all of us, because they are awesome to manage, and we can carry all formal outfits with straight hair. As hair irons are very much in these days so is the Heat Protection products and heat styling products. Recently I cam across High Hair Flat Iron Spray by WELLA. its definitely a pre-iron spray, easy to use at Home, even if you are doing your hair YOURSELF! and it gets you saloon results. Here is how it works:

After a proper wash and drying your hair completely, you need to spray your hair with little quantity of Wella Flat Iron spray, and start straightening with Flat Iron. You would just need a Tail Comb and hair catching clips for making sections for your hair. The spray adds body and stiffness to straight hair, my hairs usually don't remain straight after 1hour of ironing, and they get fluffy and coarse. But with use of Wella Flat Iron spray, my hair were straight and sleek until I washed them next day. remember NOT to over spray your hair to get extra sleek look, otherwise the result would turn into its worst and hard hairs.

Here is the outcome:

And products I used:


Over all its a must have for your hair-dos, plus it don't costs you much like heat stylers from other brands. I got the Flat Iron Spray from Shaheen chemists sadar for Rs.550 Only.


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