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B2N shop USA for NYX ~ Blanc to Noir

Hello Ladies,

This review is about an Online Cosmetics selling store Blanc to Noir based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, also known as "b2n shop" which is definitely an outstanding shopping center for Makeup, jewelries, hand bags and Branded Jeans. They are popularly dealing in NYX range of cosmetics.

What they say about themselves is:
“Blanc to Noir - b2nshop.com is an exciting new destination for beauty and fashion dedicated to providing the best prices, selection, and overall experience you'll find online. To put it simply--we LOVE cosmetics and fashion accessories. We've created a unique store that offers our customers the ability to find what they want easily and quickly. We offer our customers a no-risk opportunity to try us out.”

Initially the store was piled up with NYX Cosmetics at discounted prices. But Folks at B2N shop have recently replenished the Online store for its business operations and now extended the store beyond cosmetics. They are offering Branded Jeans at incredible rates too. Latest inclusions are DIESEL, TRUE RELGION, and LEVI’s. Moreover B2N shop also has a department for Gorgeous Hand Bags and elegant Jewellery.

They have just launched their new website as well, where everything is re-designed and with revised rates. Their big plus point is their International Shipping at affordable rates. Moreover the Customer Service representatives at B2N shop are dignified and ready to serve queries any time.

I reached this store basically for NYX products, I am a sucker for NYX and being NYX products so economical, I am always in search of stores who can give me NYX at further good prices, so one of them is b2N shop, they are offering majority of NYX products at 50% off price and lower than other NYX stores are charging. Furthermore b2n shop is constantly increasing their NYX products range; they have a proper section for “New Arrival” of NYX products and regularly update the section with new additions in NYX treasure.

To share my experience, the Shipping was super fast, they dispatched my parcel on 16 of February 2012, and it was here at my door exactly on 27th Feb, which means it just took 11 days in transit, which usually does not happen, because I live far away from United States and parcels from states do NOT come in such short period. FYI the service used was non-track-able First Class Intl. mail.

For enquiring about my parcel in transit, whenever I contacted b2n Shop via email and facebook page, they responded with sugary tone and helping always. Although they were bit slow in communication because those were the days when b2n shop was in completely transformation mode, welcoming new brands at their shop and managing their new store online. So I see them very positively from Customer's Service perspective.
Upon arrival of my parcel, as soon as I opened the parcel, it was a nice feeling to see everything wrapped inside bubble packing and little thermo-pores fixed inside parcel to avoid damage to products because of movements and throwaways. None of the products was damaged and everything was perfect!!!

Here is what I got from B2N shop for myself for Reviews,

  • NYX Nude on Nude- Natural Look Kit – priced at b2nshop for $8.4
A perfectly small sized make-up set to carry inside your handbag, with 9 loveliest eye colors with a smooth non glittery texture, 2 lip shades and 2 applicators of normal quality. I was really surprised to see the size of kit; it’s even smaller then one’s palm size. But Eye shades  are amazingly wearable. Also Eye-Shades are exactly same as shown in the picture, and lip colours are just fine in quality. One of the facts to consider is that shades application is very slight, even if you take extra quantity on your eye shadow brush, it will all blend and create a soft look with nude effects. The darkest shade of brown is also not as dark as it looks in compact form.

  • NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss- Smokey Look - priced at b2nshop for $3.85
It’s a nice gloss with awesome applicator tip and texture very hydrating for lips. Packing of Mega Shine is striking. The color is far most peachy skinny but the gloss itself does not smell good, like a cough syrup lol, this goes perfect with my NYX Round Lipstick in Pumpkin Pie, both looks flattering at medium skin tones.

  • NYX Round Lipstick – Margarita - priced at b2nshop for $2.56
  • NYX Round Lipstick – Pumpkin Pie - priced at b2nshop for $2.56
Round lipstick is an amazing lip product for $2.56 which is around PKR 235, because the colors are awesome and product itself is delightfully packed. The range at b2n shop for NYX round lipsticks is so tempting that you want to grab all of them. Extremely moisturizing for lips but stays only for 1-2 hours, and I love the tint they leave on lips after 2-3 hours of application.

Margarita is a Bright pink, more like Candy pink, it needs complete face makeover to carry this colour on our Yellowish tones.

Pumpkin pie is a skinny colour, with tones of Peach and Coral but very soft, a perfectly wearable shade and my favourite too <3

For conclusion, I’d rate B2Nshop instead of NYX products, because we can find NYX products all over world, but online stores usually do not provide such friendly services and reliable service with such discounted prices, I am highly positive about shopping from them, and I definitely suggest them for NYX makeup.

You can visit B2N online store here and their facebook page here.

*****PR Sample sent for Review Purpose Do NOT effect my honest opinion*****


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  4. Great review :) I have a question, what about custom charges? I'm looking to place a large order with them but I am afraid to do so because you never now if it'll be held by customs... Do you remember if they marked the package as gift or had a lower merchandise cost on the customs declaration?


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