Monday, 26 March 2012

Coconut & Cream Body Butter from I LOVE

Hi Girls!!! I am reviewing today "Coconut & Cream Body Butter" from “I LOVE” cosmetics collection which I got few days back while shopping online :)

What the "Coconut & Cream Body Butter says about itself is:

“Escape to paradise; an exotic explosion as my tropical cocktail of sweet coconut and velvety cream aromas leave you drifting away to your very own idyllic beach hideaway! Generously scoop me up with your fingertips, massage me all over your body to leave your skin gorgeously nourished, silky soft & beautifully fragranced”.

However my ideas for this are totally opposite to what it said above, let’s see the review in different sections:

Packaging: It comes in a plastic container and it has 200 ml butter in it, and the container is of good quality, it was accidentally thrown away by me twice on floor but it never get cracked or broken. So packaging is nice.

Flavour: I got mine in “Coconut and Cream” flavour, however the company offers many others, Blueberry and smoothie, Mango and Papaya, Raspberry and Blackberry, Strawberry and milkshake, Vanilla and ice-cream.

Smell: Well there is nothing like “velvety cream aromas” in this Coconut and Cream body butter like it claims, All I can smell is a strong but sweet smell that reminds me of some strong medicine. There is also a hint of coconut oil fragrance in it, but the other one is stench. So all in all the body butter’s smell is enough to put you off. And yeah you know what, once applied, leave it for some time and that burly smell is decreased, but not finished from skin until washed away.

Feel: This one is not like a “Body Butter” but OK like a slightly moisturizing cream. (I said just OK). It requires an appropriate amount to be applied on skin and massage well, it dries quickly, leaves no oily effect behind but yeah leaves a little moisture on skin. I used it only on my hands, because of its unpleasant smell I don’t dare to use it anywhere else; by the way it’s NOT really for facial use.

Price: I got mine from for PKR 550, if you wana see all the collection in “Coconut and cream” or any other flavours , go directly at the manufacturer’s website, here.

My Recommendation: I would not recommend using this body butter because its smell is unpleasant and not too moisturizing like a body butter should be, also this product is not worthy of its price. If it was under PKR 200 I might had some soft corner for this. If you have no problem with its smell, it could be usefull for you!

I have got a lip-balm of same company as well, and I do not like that one as well, so all in all I do not recommend buying “I love” products.

  • Slightly moisturising
  • Good packaging
  • Appropriate quantity
  • Terrible smell
  • Expensive
  • Do not serves the purpose of body butter
Would I buy this again? NO !!!  (sorry "I love cosmetics"  but aroma is a Big plus point for any beauty product )


  1. Your review is atrocious!

  2. Keep in mind that just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is fragrance. Just because Hira doesn't like it, does not mean another person would not. Personally, I adore this product, and the shower gel in the same fragrance. I think they have a very rich, buttery-coconut fragrance instead of the fake, candy fragrance found in other coconut-scented H&B lines. I find the body butter is particularly effective on feet and elbows.


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