Monday, 26 March 2012

Himalya Herbals - A Moisturising Lip Balm

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My first review is about my all time favourite and very moisturising "HIMALYA HERBALS LIP BALM".

This is the lip-balm that I can claim is wearable by EVERY-ONE, Yeah Boys too! No doubt, It works the best for me and its my all time favourite lip-balm now-a-days!

Its key ingredients include Carrot Seed Oil, Castor Oil and Coconut which means its a Fine blend of Herbal Products. Manufacturer claims that it has  a natural UV Rays filter and Vitamin E which nourishes, tones and softens the lips. Believe me IT DOES!!! 

Let's talk about its over-all features here:

Smell: It smells light , more like bubble gum candy, but not Too harsh to put you off, you will only feel smell when squeezing the balm out of tube, once applied on lips, it leaves no odour or taste.

Feel: It feels like a "balm" yes it does! not like other balms claiming to moisturise lips but they actually wipe off in few minutes, this one lasts on your lips and feels like a Smoothie!!! and what it actually does??? It leaves lips so supple and moisturising with a slight and very Natural shine. Above all wearing the lip balm makes you feel more towards smiling with damped lips!!! :)

Packaging: It comes in a 10 grams squeezable tube and tube is awesome, No signs of getting leaked if over-pressed, also you won't be getting inappropriate amount while squeezing tube.  Moreover its a must-have for your Bag all the time, it comes in such a sleek packaging. It has a Lip-shaped applicator at mouth of tube so that you can apply it perfectly with your lips cut.

Flavour:  The only flavour is "wheat-germ oil + Carrot seed oil" and its wonderful. No strong taste or smell indeed.

Here is how the squeezable tube looks like: 

This is how it works with your Lips shape: 

My Recommendation? definitely a BIG yes! and I will buy this again. Because this is definitely a Balm that gives soothing effect to lips and lasts longer with moisturised lips.

For you i would rather say, GO GET IT NOW! and you will LOVE it!!!! :)

I bought this one from Shaheen Chemist, Sadar Mall Road for PKR 110 which is approx. $1.2 

Now you are thinking this one is Really cheap? Definitely its worth buying!!!

  • Provides softness with moisturising, very Emollient.
  • Costs you very less then other branded lip balms
  • A glowing effect is left on lips.
  • after few uses tube is to be squeezed hard to get the balm out
  • No glossy effect

You can also check it and other products from Himalya - Herbals wesite here.

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