Monday, 26 March 2012

Dark Circles Cream - The Vitamin Company

Hello Folks,
I am here with a Short and effective product’s post, It's none other than a "Dark-Circles Cream" from a Natural Ingredients Based company of USA, "THE VITAMINS COMPANY" .
Fortunately, I have all good things to say about this product :)

Product itself says: "An effective natural American formula that reduces the appearance of dark circles under your eyes."

Packing is nice, in a plastic light weight jar with 40 grams cream inside. Good Deal?

Aroma ... oh it's heavenly, reminds me of something Rich in Nature's own ingredients. And Not too strong either.

Feels like soft slightly moisturising cream with normal consistency, neither think nor runny. So it's good for Normal and dry skinned persons.

My Views: Ok I am completely satisfied with this eye cream, I am being a  Dry skin person, is sensitive to eye gels, because they dry out my area around eyes and feels like rough patches, but DARK CIRCLES CREAM from The Vitamins Comapny did wonders for me.

I wash my face with my favourite facewash, everytime before applying this, then take really small dots of cream and apply under eye area where I had slight dark circles, and it blends with a Moisture feeling, don't leave any white dry patches behind, and fragrance is pleasing for me.

Results: I am reviewing this today after regular usage of 2 months, and this one has really lightened my dark circles under eye area. I am applying this cream Regularly, sometimes twice a day because Dark Circles don't Easily Leave your under Eye Area :)

This gives me a Normal Tone under my eye area, my skin don't get irritated with extra dryness or extra Oily moisture while I am wearing this in Day time or Night.

Only things that bothers me is as soon as I discontinue the usage (for 3-4 days in between), my under eyes area starts losing brightness BUT I don't get Dark circles as before.

Due to constant use of Laptop for my work and studies, My eyes gets tired, but applying this one soothes the eye area and relaxes eyes. The soothing effect is a BIG plus point for this cream.

Over all I am really impressed with "The Vitamin Company" for this product.

To update my post, I must add here, that The Vitamin Company's Products are manufactured in USA, Range is being sold here in Pakistan through Distributors and they are based in Lahore . They claim that that: "Our base of operations is in the USA but we operate in 24 different countries. Pakistan is one of our largest potential distributing centers now and has shown great awareness in understanding the need for sufficient vitamin intake."

My Recommendation: Definitely YES and I would love buying it again.
I bought mine from Shaheen Chemists, Islamabad for PKR 400 Around. I don't exactly remember the price but Being so cheap, its Really Worthy product.

So here it was a short review about one of my favourite eye cream, What are your favourite eye creams? <3


  1. I m used it for a week, and i feel no change. Instead i feel dark circles are getting more and more dark:( i dont know whether i should continue its use or leave it. . . :(
    Nain tara

  2. Eye creams are very effective in lessening aging signs around your eyes such as eye puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles under eyes.

  3. This post on how to remove dark circles under eyes is very helpful, as it is really embarrassing to go out with these circles around your eyes.


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